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'outertown.' is an exciting and thrilling visual novel about a bitter teenager applying for an exchange student programme. While they are trying to run away from their past, they are suddenly being pulled into a mystery at their previous school in order to help their new friend.


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Made by Ailuro Interactive

Appz "cottonkitten" Peterson
Original story, character designs, graphics, teamleader

Kalle "Jag" Jillheden
Programming, dialogue system



Header art done by @windseea <3

Install instructions

We've had some reports of antiviruses going wild about .exe files, don't worry about it.
We assure you this is the file for the demo .exe. 

Thanks for installing!


outertown. Demo.exe 64 MB

Development log


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hi! i  love the art style, but i couldnt get into the game. heres  a screenshot is there any way i can fix this? i also tried re - opening and re - installing the game, but nothing is working.

still waiting for full version

I can't wait for the full thing to be done!!!!!!!!  This was so good.


I  N E E D  M O R E ! ! !


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Have you thought of making an Android and/or Apple app if this? I think you would get more people demoing your work. 

I'm highly considering it! I just need to figure out how to port it properly. Thanks for the input!!


Love the demo, and the art is so adorable ^v^ some of the text sounds are a bit like listening to those old printers from the 90's though XD keep up the good work


<3 so glad you enjoyed it!